What happened in 2000

Nov. 2000, Dr. Ito, President and Ven. Gensei,Vice President attended International Meeting and Ceremony of "Sacred Gifts for a Living Planet" ( World religions pledge action on conservation ) organized by Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) held in Kathmandu, Nepal. WWF was launched by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Honorary President.

Nov. 2000, Discussions included Father Maximilian Mizzi and Rev. Shuhen Sunahara (Tohji Temple, Shingon-sect ) in Tohji Temple, Kyoto.
Nov. 2000, Discussions included Father Maximilian Mizzi and Rev. Genshin Nakayama (Hieizan Efnryakuji Temple, Tendai-sect ) in Efnryakuji Temple, Kyoto.
Nov. 2000, Dr Ito together with Fr.Maximilian Mizzi made an official visit to the Meiji Jingu Shrine,and met with Chief Priest, Rev. Katsushi Sotoyama.
Nov. 4, 2000. Attend the signing ceremony of the spiritual brother among the St. Fransiscan, Kozanji Temple and Saikyoji Temple. Ceremony held at Saikyoji Temple, Siga Prefecture.
Oct. 2000, Organize the explanation of the project and a reception party of the gInternational Temple Theme Parkh.
Oct. 2000, Dr. Ito was appointed as Chairman of Mahabodhi Temple protection group of Japan by Bhante PrajnaSheel Chief Monk and Secretary BuddhaGaya Temple Management Committee, Buddhagaya, Bihar, India.
July, 2000, Discussions included Father Maximilian Mizzi in Assisi, Italy.
May, 2000, Dr. Ito and Ven. Gensei ,Vice President were invited to Inauguration of the Tenth President (Dr. Chen Shui-Bian) and Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
April, 2000, Attended World Festival of Sacred Music organized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet House held in Bangalore, India as one of the sponsors.