January, 2006

New Year Message


“Practice acts of Goodwill,

Find openness of mind,

Share the pain of others,

And you will surely discover your soul at peace.

Give Love and Find Joy!”

Let’s just inculcate these values and reach out to all in this planet to make their lives a joy to live.

These are my humble and simple wishes to all for a New Year.



What we would like to initiate this year is as follows:



Our future project 1: World Religious Theme Park or Sanctuary Pavilion

This project is to create an actual location where all the different temples and churches of the world physically reside next to each other in harmony rather than in conflict. This complex will be built in Japan first as a physical expression of prayer for ever-lasting world peace. The complex will be created so that it can function as the place for actual cultural exchange between different religions, as a place for presentation of scholastic works on religions and as a place for exemplary practice of protection of the global environment.


Our future project 2: Buddha’s Land Utopia

This project will be designed to show an exemplary living quarter which could be a materialization of true harmonious life of every living creature on earth according to Buddha’s teachings. Malwatu MahaVihara (temple), the headquarters of Shyamopali sect, which is the only true heir of the original old scripture of Buddhism will be the core of the entire structure of the proposed village. It will be a village where the core is the sacred area only for priests and then trainees of priests reside around the second tier of the village with schools and hospitals and all other lay people live outside the quarters for priests, which would be the third tier of the village, where ordinary people can be exposed to Buddhism way of life on daily basis. The entire village will be designed to respect nature and run by environmentally friendly energy system.


Please see the following section to find out about our major activities.

Thank you for your interest in our organization.



Jose Mario Emmanuel Vialia Salvador


A.S.C.A. Overseas Cultural Exchange