What has happened in 2001

Prayer at the site of the WTC disaster


Dec, 2001

  • An altar set for the public at the site of the WTC disaster, where the gathering for prayers for world peace organized by The World Religions and Arts for Peace and Respect of Life was held.
  • Rev. Gensei Ito offering a prayer for world peace, which was followed by Rev. Bawa Jain's (Secy General of Millennium World Peace Summit) prayer at the site of the WTC disaster.
  • The Sacred Gift ( a stone which symbolizes death and resurrection) was offered in commemoration of the WTC tragedy by Fr. Mizzi and Rev. Gensei Ito at the United Nations.
  • Mr. Chuang Shang Wen, Representative of the Taoist, Dr. & Ven. Wong Tai Sin Yuen Ching Kwok reading his sacred message at the Gathering for Prayers by the representatives of the world religions.