What has happened in 1995

Maha Bodhi Society of India in Japan


Mother Terresa


June 1995, Dr. Ito was inaugurated as General Secretary of the Maha Bodhi Society of India in Japan. Late Prof. Hajime Nakamura was inaugurated as Honoray President of the society.

Feb. 1995, Dr. Ito was inaugurated as Director of the Foundation of Japan Youth Cultural Society.

Feb. 1995, Dr. Ito discussions included Mother Terresa and gave a donation.

Feb. 1995, The Sangha Council of All India Bhikhshu Maha Sanggha in India conferred the honorary title of “Tripitaka Maha Pandit” (Dr. of Tripitaka) to Dr. Ito.

Dr. Ito blessed Mrs. Phoolan Devi, a leader of women’s liberation on the occasion of her conversion ceremony to Buddhism. Mrs. Devi later became a member of the Parliament in India.

Jan. 1995, Permission to establish the Japanese Branch of Malwatte Temple by the Most Venerable Vipassi Thero, Mahanayaka Maha Thero.